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The First Note


We provide interactive lessons in-person and online. Students can expect fun-filled lessons catered to their skill level and genre preferences. They will learn rhythm and sight-reading, but will also learn popular songs they want to play; not just what's in the lesson books. 

Teach In Harmony


Our in-person and online piano lessons aren't just about learning to read music; through our unique training, students can learn to play by ear, making them versatile musicians that can play many songs on-demand. This is what makes playing the piano so much fun!

The Future Sounds Good


Our teaching methods enable students to become strong musicians that can play by sight and by hearing. In addition to piano training, students learn valuable rhythm and technical skills for transition into chorus, marching band, or learning to play a different instrument. 

Program Information

We currently offer in-home and online lessons. Lessons are 30 minutes long, once a week.  For more info, call us at 850-803-5309 or email

Equipment Needed

Students need a keyboard or piano to participate in online and in-person lessons. For online lessons, a smartphone or tablet with camera is required. Typically, Facetime is used for virtual lessons. Periodically, a piano book may be required. Piano books are usually $7.50 each. 

Enrollment Information

Call us at 850-803-5309 to enroll. Or email us at


In-home lessons are $160 per month, and online lessons are $90 per month. Lessons are weekly and are 30 minutes long. We accept cash, checks, and payments through Venmo. Payments are due monthly, typically near the first of the month (or at your first lesson of the month). 

If you have questions or comments, please use the contact form below to reach out to us. 

We’d love to hear from you! | Tel: 850-803-5309

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