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COVID-19 Piano Lesson Info

Due to school closures related to the Coronavirus, in-person piano lessons and classes are currently unavailable. However, we're pleased to offer virtual piano lessons by smartphone or tablet! It started with just one lesson via Facetime on Brandon's iphone, and after seeing how smoothly it went, we decided to offer it to more students.

We've been refining online lessons for the last 3 weeks, and these video lessons are going well. Students are enjoying it and progressing quickly -- perhaps there's more practice happening out of sheer boredom? Maybe! All we know is that there is a lot more practice going on these days, and students are learning new techniques and songs just as well as they are in person.

Lessons are 30 minutes long and are offered weekly at $80 per month. Register now here or call us at 850-803-5309 if you have questions. (Sorry, we don't train cats. In fact, we advocate NOT putting your cats on your keyboard or piano... fur gets stuck in between the keys and it's hard to clean. We just really like kittens, especially when they are shown near a piano.)

Thanks for your support! It's a weird time for all of us, and we appreciate your support of our program. We're excited to celebrate 8 years of fun, interactive piano lessons despite COVID-19. You've made it possible, and we are so grateful!


Brandon & Helene Boutwell

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